10 skills that make a good lawyer

good lawyer

A good lawyer must also have a whole series of personal skills that will allow him to stand out from his colleagues.

Here are the ten qualities that make a good lawyer according to the Baltimore Post Examiner:

1- Have an analytical mind

A successful lawyer must possess sharp analytical skills. Because he is confronted in his practice with a large quantity of information, he must be able to identify, among all this data, those which will be essential to his file and to its positive outcome.

2- Knowing how to do research

A smart lawyer is a lawyer who can do effective and quick research to get a brief idea of ​​his client’s case. This research should also help him develop intelligent legal strategies that will ensure the success of his cases.

Although this research can take weeks or even months, it is essential because it provides a stable basis for any legal action.

3- Be creative

Analysis and logic are not everything: a lawyer must also be creative. Their creativity should help them solve problems and assess the feasibility of a solution.

To find the right answer to a question, the lawyer must be creative and think out of the box.

4- Having good interpersonal skills helps!

To present, research and resolve a case, a lawyer meets several people. To obtain clues and useful evidence to act in favor of his client, he must therefore have excellent skills in interpersonal relations.

In addition, an experienced and successful lawyer believes in strengthening friendships. Not only do these links help to promote professional solidarity, but they also allow the lawyer to rely on these contacts for his future legal cases.

5- You have to know how to persevere

Legal cases are often delicate and the solution to a problem is not always easy to find. This is why patience and perseverance are essential. A top notch lawyer should be able to handle a case for a long time before progress is seen.

Of course, there will be times when no improvement will be seen, but a persevering lawyer will be able to do the necessary follow-ups, keep looking for clues and patiently pursue their case, until their case progresses. .

6- Logic, an essential skill

Logical thinking is a quality found in most lawyers. It helps them make reasonable judgments based on the information they have.

7- A lawyer must know how to write

Excellent drafting skills help the lawyer to strengthen his position and win cases. They allow him to prepare briefs, documents, precise arguments based on his research and his logical thinking. Therefore, a lawyer who masters both the oral and the written can only be successful.

8- Have excellent public speaking skills

Most successful lawyers know how to speak. For a lawyer to present a case in court, he must have excellent public speaking skills.

The lawyer must forge this skill from his studies and develop it by participating, for example, in mock trials. But beware, the lawyer must also know how to listen!

No legal action can continue indefinitely. Before the judge pronounces his verdict, the lawyer must decide whether he will rule in favor or against the evidence. To do this, he must be able to form good judgment and formulate logical hypotheses.

The lawyer must also critically examine his understanding of the case. This will help him realize his shortcomings and work on them. A good lawyer must also be able to revise his judgment. It even makes his case more solid and only then can he handle a case with confidence.

10- A lawyer must care about his client

A talented lawyer should not only think about money! Sometimes a client has limited financial resources and may not be able to pay the fees in full. However, this should not affect the services rendered by the lawyer who must remain guided by his vocation.

Successful lawyers are those who treat their clients with great care and professionalism. If a client may not be familiar with the legislation, he is nevertheless able to identify a lack of professionalism, reactivity, rude behavior or even a lack of respect for deadlines. This is why the lawyer must make the satisfaction of his client a priority.

While these ten qualities are essential, others are also very important. Leadership is part of it. Every lawyer should be a great leader and an excellent manager. These qualities allow him to effectively delegate tasks and manage his staff well.

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